About Us

This store serves as a creative outlet driven by The Mimi D. As an artist Mimi D has used many different mediums to express her artistry. As a young child, she loved to color with markers and colored pencils. As a teen, she ventured into painting canvases with acrylic paint. In college, she painted wood objects like paddles and plaques. For the last 10 years, nail polish has been her choice of medium.

Recently she decided to explore her art skills in the digital space. With this expansion, she’s been able to add apparel and housewares to her growing list of canvases. What started out as a love for coloring and painting has turned into this store- which serves as a love for self expression.

What you’ll find in this store are a lot of ways to express yourself and/or what you love. There are press on nails for those looking to express their love for art on their 10 canvases. There’s also shirts, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats for those in the creative space. Take a look around, we’re sure you’ll find something to help show the world who you are and what you love. If not, check back monthly for new items!

Want to see something added to the store? Send a message to contact@themimid.com and tell us what items you would love to see!

On social? Share a photo of your items and tag @themimid Would LOVE to reshape your joy!